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We provide a range of services to the electronics industry, including electronic product design, procurement, manufacture, inspection and testing.

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Our main area of specialization is design of custom made instrumentation but we also have a network of design specialists available to assist where additional expertise is needed on a new project.

Design tools

For PCB designs we use the Altium 6 schematic and PCB design package. We also keep operational copies of Protel 99SE and Protel DXP to ensure total file compatibility for customers who haven't upgraded to Altium 6.

Development and programming tools

FREESCALE 05/08 and 11 families

This is an example of one of our designs.


We provide a contract manufacturing service which covers both surface mount and through hole components. Assembly quantities ranging from a single prototype PCB right up to large production volumes can easily be accommodated with a mix of equipment in our production area.

Control of static charge is necessary to ensure semiconductor components are not electrically stressed or damaged during manufacture. O'Neill Associates' production area uses a number of static control measures, these include anti-static flooring, anti-static mats at all work stations, and wrist straps for all operators.

Assembly equipment

Essemtec manual pick & place with camera for BGA alignment.

For volume production we have two Yamaha automatic pick & place machines, a YV100Xg with vision and a YM6021.

Soldering equipment

The processing at the soldering stage is completed in an IBL SV260 vapour phase oven, an ATF 20/33M wave soldering machine, an Essemtec RO-260E infra-red reflow oven, or a combination of these.

Inspection equipment

The latest addition to our assembly area is an Omron automatic optical inspection machine (AOI). Missed defects will occur with manual inspection even with experienced operators. This machine allows large volumes to be screened for faults and reworked where necessary.

At a number of stages through the assembly and soldering processes the work is visually inspected with stereoscopic viewers. Four of these are in use and a range of lenses can be selected to provide magnification settings of up to 10x.

Above are some examples of our production work.

Vibration Testing Service

O'Neill Associates offers a vibration testing service which can give an indication of the mechanical reliability of new products during the development cycle.

A B & K vibration table is used to accelerate a mass of 1kg or less to a maximum of 100g over the frequency range 100Hz - 5kHz. Below 100Hz the maximum acceleration reduces with frequency. ( All acceleration measurements are traceable via a NATA calibration certificate. )

EMC Precompliance Testing

O'Neill Associates offers a pre-compliance Electromagnetic Compatability testing service which is competitively priced. Currently we can perform various emission tests to Australian Standards.

Conducted Emission Single phase 240V AC, max 8A
DC to 100V, 5A max
Radiated Emission Near field probe
Broadband Antenna

Broadband antenna and spectrum analyser.


In addition to the standard test instruments which are used on a daily basis we have specialized test equipment which is necessary to ensure supplied components are of the required specification. Quite a few components now do not come with any printing giving the electrical value so it is necessary to rely on the packaging for this information. If the component packaging is incorrectly labeled or missing then the only way to verify that the component is correct is to make a measurement.

We use a Wayne Kerr 6425 component analyzer to check passive components. We have Electrical Standards available to perform spot checks on this equipment.

We also have an RF screened chamber that can be heated to a maximum of 100C for Type testing of new designs or sample testing during production.

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Tel: (08) 8847 4298
Fax: (08) 8847 4154

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